Cyton Robots Overview

Robai makes two primary lines of ultraportable dexterous robots, the Cyton Epsilon 300 and Cyton Epsilon 1500. The 1500 series is Robai’s premier robot for research and educational applications. The 300 series provides nimble manipulation for research, education, and light duty tasks. See the pages below for more information about these arms as well as our Bi-Handed Cyton humanoid robot and the accessories available.



Cyton Epsilon 1500

With a whole new definition of affordable, Robai is proud to introduce the most capable robot of the Cyton line. Starting at under $12k, the Cyton Epsilon 1500 is a game changing robot with some serious research and education applications. Read More.

CytonGamma300 grip_assistiveMode

Cyton Epsilon 300

Your compact, humanoid solution, the Cyton Epsilon 300 offers human-like motion with graphical tasking software at a low cost. It is great for lightweight applications and is an exceptional tool for research and prototyping. Read More.


Cyton Bi-Handed

With two arms and a rotary torso, the Bi-Handed Cyton Humanoid accomplishes a new world of complex tasks. Perfect for tasks that require coordinated bi-handed manipulation, its specialties include inspection, dynamic camera and lighting manipulation, mobile device testing, and dual-arm lifting. The bi-handed Cyton also provides a compelling platform for bi-manual robotics R&D. Read More.

Myo Gesture Control -- Coming Soon!


Robai offers several attachments for the Cyton Gamma 1500 and 300. Read More.