Cyton Epsilon 300

An Ultra-portable Arm

Your compact, humanoid solution, the Cyton Epsilon 300 offers human-like motion with graphical tasking software at a low cost. It is great for lightweight applications and is an exceptional tool for research and prototyping.

  • Features


    Features And Specifications

    With seven degrees of freedom, Robai’s Cyton robot arms work like the human arm. Roboticists call robots with more than six axes ‘kinematically redundant’. The extra degrees of freedom give fluid motion, better accuracy, and the ability to reach around obstacles.

    The Cyton Epsilon 300 surpasses the rest of its class in terms of payload, reach, precision, and affordability. Starting under $5000, the Cyton Epsilon 300 delivers rapid ROI for modern automation.





    Robai Cyton Epsilon 300 Specifications
    Degrees of freedom 7
    Payload (full-range) 300 g
    Payload (mid-range) 350 g
    Reach 48 cm
    Footprint 15cm x 18cm
    Repeatability +/- 1 mm
  • Ease of Use


    Ease of Use

    The Cyton Epsilon 300 offers increased joint torques. Actin provides active management of the higher torques to optimize strength and lift capacity for the target tasks while ensuring safety and durability. Cyton Epsilon requires no external controller box, only a 12v power supply. Setup is as simple as opening your laptop — plug the Cyton into a power outlet and connect the included USB cable to your Windows or Linux computer.

    Getting started with Cyton is just as easy. Whether you are looking for an easy way to get your Cyton running on the production line or need to automate a benchtop task, Cyton has a task setup mode to meet your needs.

    Interactive GUI

    Use the Actin control interface to move the gripper to target positions, either as a freeform move or with constraints applied such as collision avoidance. For the input device, we support a mouse, 3D mouse, joysticks, P5 tracking glove, and others.

    Waypoint Sequences

    Cyon_Gamma300-ease-ActinViewer_waypointsGripper position/orientation and arm motions can be saved as waypoints and waypoint sequences. Composing task behavior from sets of waypoint sequences and event actions provides a powerful way to put the Cyton to work.

    Assistive Mode


    Hold the arm and guide it through the set of target positions. At each target position, record a waypoint. Then playback the motion or use the path as part of a more complex set of actions.

    Programmatic control

    Cyon_Gamma300-ease-ActinViewer_guideFrameIf you will have a program that generates target reach/grasp locations, you can command the arm to move to those positions using the C++ SDK, TCP commands, or LabView interface. With any of these programmatic control interfaces, you can send joint-value commands, send desired end-effector position/orientation, or trigger pre-defined waypoint sequences and actions.

  • Grippers


    Robai’s Epsilon 300 comes with a two pronged gripper suitable for most of your manipulator needs.

    Epsilon Standard Gripper

    The Epsilon Standard Gripper, the default option for the Cyton Epsilon 300, consists of two fingers with an opening range of 3.5 centimeters.


  • Sensors


    Coming Soon!

  • Tools



    Custom Tools

    Robai also designs custom end tools to meet your application needs. Contact Us for a quote.

  • Case Studies

    Case Studies


    Touchscreen Testing

    Touch testing of device controls and interfaces is still often a manual process. Automating touch testing of buttons, dials, and touchscreens offers a way to ensure consistent production quality and deliver the fine-grain traceability needed to drive quality even higher. Read More.





    Automated Inspection

    Inline inspection during the production process can catch defects early, minimizing rework, ensuring consistent quality, and providing fine-grain traceability. Read More.

  • Videos



    Surface Coating

    Automated spray painting with the Cyton robot. With 7 axes, the Cyton Gamma can reach up and over the target product and sweep smoothly over the surface.


    Touchscreen Testing

    Cyton is testing an NFC card reader, magnetic strip scanner, and touchscreen. Test sequence was trained in under an hour.



    Automated Inspection

    The Cyton Gamma looks for new objects placed in the input buffer, then picks up the object and places it in the inspection area for visual inspection. After inspection, the Cyton places the device in one of several output buffers.