Cyton Humanoid Robot Using Tablet

Cyton 15 axis robot playing a racing game on an Intel-based tablet.


Cyton Gamma 1500 – Spray Painting

Automated spray painting with the Cyton robot. With 7 axes, the Cyton Gamma can reach up and over the target product and sweep smoothly over the surface.


Cyton Gamma 300 – Touchscreen Testing

Cyton is testing an NFC card reader, magnetic strip scanner, and touchscreen. Test sequence was trained in under an hour.

Cyton Epsilon 1500 Palletizing Demo

Cyton demonstrating a palletizing or kitting sequence.

Cyton Epsilon 1500 Programming Demo

Demonstration of Robai Cyton programming.


Cyton Gamma 1500 – Automated Inspection

The Cyton Gamma looks for new objects placed in the input buffer, then picks up the object and places it in the inspection area for visual inspection. After inspection, the Cyton places the device in one of several output buffers.