The answers to questions we frequently receive about Cyton Sale are answered below. Have other questions, or just need more information? Please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Instead of specification X, I would like the robot to have Y. What can I do?

A. Custom modifications can be performed by our engineering division, and we have established relationships with our software and parts providers to do this. Please contact us for a quote. Generally, custom engineering work is much more expensive than a Cyton arm price.

Q. Can I control the robot over the Internet?

A. Yes, a network extension to the control software is available for TCP and UDP based control over the Internet.

Q. Can I control two Cytons with one computer?

A. Yes

Q. Is the arm bigger or smaller than a human arm?

A. Slightly smaller than the average adult arm.

Q. What Microsoft operating systems are supported?

A. Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Q. Does the Cyton software work on Apple computers?

A. An Apple version of the software will be available soon.

Q. Does the Cyton software work under Linux?

A. Yes. Please contact us with the flavor of Linux you use. It’s likely it is covered.

Q. Do the seven degrees of freedom in the Cyton include the gripper movement?

A. No, only joint axes are included in the degree of freedom (DOF) count. Gripper movement is considered a function. Cyton robots are 7 DOF or 8 function arms.

Q. Is it possible to side or top mount the Cyton 300/1500?

A. The Cyton Gamma 1500 and Cyton Epsilon 1500 can be side mounted or top mounted (i.e. mounted in an inverted configuration). The Cyton 300 can be top mounted, but not side mounted.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. Orders are shipped within 45 days of receipt of purchase order.