Case Studies

Medical Assistance

Robotics can enable quadriplegic patients to regain some of their independence. The Cyton line is an ideal candidate for these applications, thanks it its light weight and low cost. The fluid control and intuitive interface make it possible for patients to perform basic motor task functions, including self‐feeding and manipulating standard hospital patient controls

Remote Inspection

Applications that require real‐time positioning of a camera by a human operator not collocated with what is being inspected are challenging, and often expensive. The operator might be in the next room or a different country (connected through the Internet) depending the specifics of the application. The Cyton Gamma is a small footprint, lightweight, dexterous humanoid robot that is controllable in real‐time. Through custom camera end‐effectors available through Robai and the included network interface, it is easy to use the Cyton for remote inspection.

Automated Inspection

Inline inspection during the production process can catch defects early, minimizing rework, ensuring consistent quality, and providing fine-grain traceability. Traditionally, the deployment cost for inspection systems has meant that they are often only installed for final inspection or perhaps for a critical intermediate point along the production line.

Spray Coating

The Cyton is well suited for spray painting, surface coating, and spray cleaning of products. Applying a surface coat of paint, glaze, or other protective coating requires even motion, appropriate spray control, and proper spray orientation with respect to the product surfaces.

Touchscreen Testing

Touch testing of device controls and interfaces is still often a manual process. Automating touch testing of buttons, dials, and touchscreens offers a way to ensure consistent production quality and deliver the fine-grain traceability needed to drive quality even higher.